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What problems will Guangdong water-borne resin face in developing market

2019-03-22 15:07:52

  1. Rising raw materials: In recent years, the rising price of crude oil has made the production cost of solvent-based coatings enterprises increase continuously, getting closer and closer to the cost of water-based coatings, and some even exceed the cost of water-based coatings. At present, this trend continues, and more and more paint enterprises begin to use water-based resin products.

  2. Environmental protection and safety: Solvent-based products have environmental protection and safety problems, such as toxicity, harmfulness, flammability, explosion, health hazards, environmental pollution, fire and so on, while water-based products do not have the above problems.

  3. National conditions: At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, strong demand and low labor cost, many world-class enterprises have been invited to invest in the construction of factories in China, which is known as the world's processing factories. Environmental requirements for export products have created channels for the use of water-borne paint.

  4. International situation: In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the proportion of water-borne resin is higher than that of solvent-based, industrial coatings and water-borne ratio is increasing. At present, solvent-based industrial coatings are mainly used in China, and water-borne industrial coatings only account for about 11% of industrial coatings. Today is the direction of our country's development in developed countries, so water-borne coatings must become the main role of coatings.

  5. Development of painting equipment: Domestic painting equipment factories have equipped with suitable equipment for various waterborne paint painting methods, many of which can be modified slightly in the original solvent-based equipment. Water-borne paint coating equipment is more and more widely used. When many paint manufacturers design new coating equipment, they basically consider the applicability of water-borne paint.

  6. Skills progress ensures the development of water-borne resins. Water-borne coatings in developed countries such as Europe and the United States are now widely used. Their water-borne skills are now relatively mature. Domestic water-borne resins started relatively late, but in recent years they have developed rapidly. Through the accumulation in recent years, the skill gap with foreign countries is also decreasing.

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